The Goodies Art Show began in 2011, at the Chequre Mead Community Arts Centre, in East Grinstead West Sussex. Tim Brooke-Taylor kindly came along to see what it was all about, to kick it all off.  Then early 2012 saw it go to Bristol at Centre Space Art Gallery.  And finally in 2013 it had it’s last physical run at The Jam Factory Arts Centre and Restaurant, in Oxford.

In 2016 it made it’s return via the world wide web and had it set at the National Gallery in London, with the chaps looking after things.

Now 2018 is here and The Goodies Art Show has moved to Cricklewood Art Gallery with new web address www.thegoodiesartshow.co.uk .

As story goes.. The Goodies moved into the local Art Gallery here in Cricklewood and decided to have another go at Arts and Culture.  And then opened the building to the local public. 

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